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Analytics in Cybersecurity – Mr. Unnikrishanan

Analytics in Cybersecurity, a very fascinating subject for technical enthusiasts was the topic of the information seminar, organised by REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) and conducted by our esteemed speaker, Unnikrishnan P, Partner, Cybersecurity Services, PwC India on the July 13, 2019 at REVA University, Bangalore, India.

As a part of the seminar Mr. Unnikrishanan initiated by explaining that Cyber Analytics is nothing but a fusion of Cybersecurity and Analytics. As per him, Analytics in general is a tool and not a resolution which he demonstrated with a real-life example.  Through this example, he proved that analytics is like a knife; it can either be used to kill a person or slice an apple. Similarly, we should use the tool wisely to analyse the available data and arrive at resolutions akin to how we use analytics in any other field.

Mr. Unnikrishanan gave pointers on the requirement of cybersecurity professionals with analytical skills in an organizational level in today’s tech-savvy world.  He pointed out by saying that there is no tool today which is an amalgamation of both these worlds, but then there are individual tools which one can use to perfect the craft and succeed in becoming an expert cyber analyst.

The participants were given a brief on the cybersecurity and Business Analytics programs available at REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) and the reasons why one needs to consider up-skilling themselves. The participants of the info-seminar also experienced real-time learning by visiting the classrooms and Security Operations Center (SOC) at REVA University.

To know more about our Cybersecurity and Business Analytics programs available at REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE): http://bit.ly/2J7hPto

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