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Cybersecurity Careers in the Digital World – Info Seminar by Sridhar Govardhan, (CISO) – Wipro Limited

To connect with and help working professionals interested in cybersecurity as a career opportunity, REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) joined hands with the leading security expert, Sridhar Govardhan, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – Wipro Limited and organized an information seminar on ‘Cybersecurity Careers in the Digital World’ on the 15th of June 2019.

As a part of the seminar Sridhar shared his experiences as a CISO working for Wipro, he explained about how he grew-up the career ladder to his current position, and how his MTech paid-off in shaping his profession. He shared facts and figures on the current requirement and career opportunities available in the industry and why one needs to seriously consider taking up Cybersecurity as a profession.

Sridhar Govardhan gave pointers on the requirement of cybersecurity on a personal as well as on an organizational level in today’s tech-savvy world. He explained about the pros and cons of Cybersecurity and how anything termed as ‘digital’ today can be dissected to know that it is nothing but an amalgamation of people, process and technology. He cautioned the risk on using digital wallets and precautions to be taken while using such applications to transact money in today’s digital world.

The participants were given a brief on PG Diploma/MS/MTech in Cybersecurity programs available at REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) and why one needs to consider up-skilling themselves. The participants of the info-seminar also experienced the real-time learning by visiting the classrooms and Security Operations Center (SOC) at REVA University.

To know more about the Cybersecurity programs available at REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE): http://bit.ly/2N071Tl

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