Diploma in HR Analytics

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3 Months | 200 Hours
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May 2019
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INR 75,000

As an HR leader, it is imperative to build the right technical and functional skills in Analytics to spearhead your organization and enhance your career. REVA University in association with Jigsaw Academy offers a three-month weekend diploma in HR Analytics program in Bangalore to empower leaders like you.

REVA’s diploma in HR analytics in Bangalore is one of a kind program, integrating powerful tools, analytics framework, case studies and real time data sets to change the HR landscape of your organization.

Best Diploma in HR Analytics Program in Bangalore - RACE, Bangalore

This three month weekend program is designed to help fast rising HR professionals to improve their data driven decision making skills. The program intend to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills on best practices, metrics, processes, tools in HR Analytics domain to improve personal decision making capabilities and overall business performance.

Highlighted Metrics - Diploma in HR Analytics Course - RACE, Bangalore

The course offers professional guidance on resume building, interview preparation and identification of apposite opportunities.

A cutting edge, high impact, 3-month weekend Diploma Program for HR Analytics training in Bangalore

Program Structure - Diploma in HR Analytics Course - RACE, Bangalore

HR as a function has moved on from being a cost head to a strategic partner contributing to the bottom line profitability of organizations. HR leaders now focus on understanding how organizations can enhance their human capital by leveraging data pertaining to employees. This could range from talent identification, improving new hire quality, identifying and developing potential leaders, predicting turnover of employees, capturing the workforce demographics and dynamics, objective assessments and much more.

Applied properly, HR analytics can show connections, correlations and even causality between HR metrics and other business measures – all of which can be used to design effective HR strategies. In other words, HR analytics can provide a tangible link between people strategy and the organization’s performance.

Mentor’s Profile

Ramesh Soundararajan

Partner, Culstran Consulting and author

Sanjay Shelvankar

CEO, Scalene Works

Sarita Digumarti

Founder, Jigsaw Academy

Dr. J.B. Simha

CTO/Director (Analytics), Abiba Systems

Participant Speaks
Ramya Rai
Learning & Development Lead
Apollo Hospitals
Manjunath D
HR Manager
Xorient Systems
Marina Alex
Grameen Koota
Mamatha Prabu
Senior HR Manager
Wuerth Electricals

  • Testimonial by Mr. Bonnie Bernard, Sr Manager, Transformation Lead at TCS - RACE, Bangalore
    The PGDM in Business Analytics for working professionals by RACE at REVA University in collaboration with IBM is truly a fantastic course! The curriculum is tailor-made to acquire an in-depth knowledge of various techniques in big data analytics. We have some of the most experienced trainers from the industry who delivers the modules with live examples from their own domain. This program has truly enhanced my thought process towards solving a business problem using data.
    Bonnie Bernard
    Sr Manager – Transformation Lead (TCS)
  • Testimonial by Mr. Dinesh Ghanta - RACE, Bangalore
    I was first attracted to REVA University by two things: Firstly, its world-class Analytics LAB, equipped with IBM tools (Cognos, TM1, Infosights, SPSS, IBM Modeller and Watson) and open source tools like R and Python; secondly, by industry practitioners as a trainers. I was interested in Business Analytics for some time but knew very little about it, so every module was a new learning experience. I think the dissertation was the best part as I liked dissecting the topics with arguments and ideas, analyzing and figuring out how it all fits together and developing my views on the issues. Even though it was challenging, overall it was extremely fulfilling and rewarding! Coming from Telecom background, we deal with a lot of data but I didn't realize the value of the data. During this program, my perspective of seeing data/business problem got changed. Now I am working on two projects both are initiated by me in my organization. I realized that REVA was the best option for exploring and learning analytics.
    Dinesh Ghanta
    Senior Service Engineer at Ericsson India Global Pvt Ltd
  • Testimonial by Mr. Pavanraj Talawar, Delivery Analyst, ANZ Operations & Technology - RACE, Bangalore
    PGDM in Business Analytics from REVA University is one of the best courses available for working professionals like me who want to pursue a career in Analytics. The overall curriculum is very well designed in consultation with experienced Business Analytics professionals and academicians to cover all the major topics that will help us make a mark in the Analytics world. All the faculty members for each of the modules are industry experts with many years of experience. Just interacting with all of them from various backgrounds give us different perspectives and is an invaluable experience in itself. Overall, a brilliant initiative and I am proud to be a part of this program!
    Pavanraj Talawar
    Delivery Analyst, ANZ Operations & Technology
  • Testimonial by Mr. Mutturaj Baradol - RACE, Bangalore
    REVA University and REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) have provided a wonderful platform on Business Analytics concepts and tools through practical approaches. Being an M.Tech graduate and in development for 10 years, I was a bit worried how do I learn the new things. Thanks to all the mentors and trainers who are industry leaders in Analytics for enabling my journey enjoyable. This program has provided me a great platform to step into the world of Business Analytics with confidence!  
    Mutturaj Baradol
    Senior Engineer, Rakuten India Inc.
  • Testimonial by Lakshmi, Senior Analyst, Northern Trust - RACE, Bangalore
    In an age where the internet has an abundance of courses offered on Big Data Analytics, Data Science and related fields and I had my doubts whether I should invest my time and resources on such a program. But today, I know that the original program content which impressed me to join the program was just the tip of the iceberg, the program actually has a lot more to offer. The feedback and guidance that I am getting from the instructors and the confidence that I am gaining is remarkable. The experience in participating in the PGDM program at REVA University is one of the most memorable turning point for me. The program is quite demanding and challenging and pushes you to do your best. I have to thank everyone who is involved, who are eager to learn and teach and are experts in their fields. I recommend this graduate program to those who set their hearts on Data / Business Analytics.
    Senior Analyst, Northern Trust
  • Testimonial by Mr. Murali Ravi - RACE, Bangalore
    "One of my friends referred me to the RACE program and my so far experience in the program is really good. The program has excellent contents and incorporates relevant real-life scenarios. The great diversity of the batch makes it more interesting to learn and collaborate and provide me with new perspectives. The best part is I am able to enjoy the learning despite of such a busy work schedule"
    Murali Ravi
  • Testimonial by Mr. Vijaykumar Gotakhindi, Team Lead Analytics, IBM - RACE, Bangalore
    The course is well structured and focused towards next-gen Data Science technologies. One of the main advantages is the blend of classroom & online training which is useful for professionals like me. The course is very pleasurable and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a career in Business Analytics & Data Science. I am so grateful to REVA University & all the faculty and amazing instructors for organizing such a wonderful program.
    Vijaykumar Gotakhindi
    Team Lead Analytics, IBM
  • Testimonial by Mr. Sandeep S, Data Analyst, Netapp - RACE, Bangalore
    The critical thinking emphasis at RACE in a collaborative, supportive learning environment equipped me with a solid foundation to begin my career in analytics. The program is providing me an in-depth understanding of applying analytics in various sectors like supply chain, finance, marketing, retail and text analytics. I also got good hands-on exposure on open tools like Python and R and various proprietary tools from IBM and other partners. The senior faculty mentors, from industry, bring in real-time learning to each of the sessions.
    Sandeep S
    Data Analyst, Netapp

RACE - Course Eligibility


3+ Years of Experience
Fees Structure - RACE, Bangalore

Fee Structure

INR 75,000

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Last Date to Apply: 23rd May 2019