Case 1: Operational Workforce Planning and Prediction

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October 23, 2017
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January 25, 2018

Case 1: Operational Workforce Planning and Prediction

Author and Discussion Leader: Sanjay Shelvankar, CEO, ScaleneWorks

Operational Workforce Plan (OWP) facilitates the organization to prepare itself to meet the ever-changing customer needs by increasing the organization’s readiness quotient to service a customer order. This is usually associated with low lead times and optimization of the organization’s cost of carrying ‘Human Talent Inventory’. This proprietary and industry benchmark real-world case study, prepared by ScaleneWorks, helps the HR professionals to ask the right questions to chart an optimal OWP. The process followed are as bellow:

  1. Standardise the current forecasting process
  2. Calculate the current attrition numbers to reach the final gross
  3. Understand the current Workforce Plan to calculate the need to hire from outside vis a vis internal hiring.
  4. Measure the current lead time to reach the optimal sourcing and hiring plan.

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