Intelligent solutions powered by exponential technologies tailor-made to bring monetary benefits to the organisations. RACE consulting solutions, either turnkey or plug and play models provide end-to-end support in training and implementation.

Capstone Projects – Call for Proposal

Inviting Proposals for Capstone Projects We are inviting proposals from organizations, industry leaders, business unit heads, and entrepreneurs on relevant business or social problems for which our participants can work on. We are looking for project proposals in which advanced level of technical exposure is required, which must be at the Master’s level that is not only limited to address the industry problems but also the social problems as well. After submitting the proposal, we will share the proposal with our participants and connect you with them for further interview or discussions related to the project.

Employee Life Cycle Analytics (ELCATM)

Talent pools are becoming smaller than ever. There is an increasing pressure to attract and maintain high performing talent. Enterprises should start using HR analytics to  build an exemplary employee experience and culture. With the adoption of Employee Life Cycle Analytics (ELCATM), HR’s teams can unlock the power of data within their organization’s human capital management systems by providing complete visibility into critical metrics ranging from recruitment, promotion to retention for enhancing the employee experience.

Customer Life Cycle Analytics (CLCATM) for SMEs

Customer is the major reason for business profit. Knowledge of what customer wants and how to satisfy him will form the basis of profitable business lines. So far SMBs were not having access to advanced analytical models and insights from their business transactions. The Customer Intelligence based on the Customer Lif Cycle Analytics (CLCATM) solution from RACE labs, it is now possible for any one to use the packaged AI/DS to understand and serve their customers better.

Supply Chain Analytics (SCAnTM)

Flow and speed are the essences of the supply chain. Unnecessary delays or overstock or understock, show the inefficiency/effectiveness of the supply chain. Every business should know how their supply chain performs, where the bottleneck is and what has to be changed. This can be improvised with multiple analytical technologies like the Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Machine learning. SCAn engine brings the power of both technologies to provide the control points at the fingertips of the decision-maker.

Security Analytics (DeepSecTM)

RACE Labs have developed AI-driven models for anomaly detection, predicting cyberattacks and user behaviour-based models. Machine Learning-based systems are more robust and adaptive than rule-based solutions to tackle the ever-evolving threat landscape. These models can be custom-made as per the requirements. Do connect with us to know more.


Success is in the DNA of RACE. Decipher the successful journey of RACE through our mentors and participants.

  • “Overall the Course design was very good. Trainers connect with all the participants were excellent.”
    Sheetal Kaul
    Assistant Vice President Human Resources Vestian Global Workplace Services
  • “For me personally, it was a very educative and informative experience. It opened my mind and world to knowledge and topics in Business and Office dynamics and workings that I was not aware of in the past. It helped me brush up on things that I knew and I had taken for granted. It grew my mind and took me on a journey of great learning and interaction. Loved the opportunity to absorb and pick the brains of people who have specialized in their specific lines. Thank you REVA, and a special thanks to Dr Shinu for her patience and guidance!”
    Sabah Mistry
    Director Corporate Real Estate Agarwal Estates
  • We are training industry professionals and far ahead in imparting education specifically in cutting-edge technology education. REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence, REVA University is the best in terms of state-of-the-art labs. I’m proud to be associated with RACE since the beginning in developing course curriculum and content. What I feel good about RACE programs is that the programs offered here are not available pan India, except in few universities. The live projects of these programs give great exposure to the participants to get into future jobs.
    Dr. J. B Simha
    Chief Mentor of RACE and CTO of ABIBA SystemsWatch Video
  • “I’m very grateful and proud to be part of the MBA in Business Analytics program at RACE, 2019-2021 Batch. The credit goes to RACE mentors and my batch mates. Still, a long way to go to learn and improve my skills”.
    Suresha H P
    Manager AI/ML at Faurecia MBA in Business Analytics, Batch of 2019-2021
  • “The program added value to my experience in Data Science and Business Analytics domain as the program allowed me to solve real-life problems using machine learning models and data science techniques.”
    Ashok Shetty
    VP- Data Scientist, Swiss Re Institute MBA in Business Analytics, Batch of 2018-2020Watch Video
  • “I have been associated with REVA University for Corporate Excellence for last 4+ years, working closely with the PGDM/MBA in Business Analytics Batches in delivery, helping with use cases, and some of the data processing areas. Even though the participants joining RACE’s programs are well-experienced, they would like to expand or switch their career for better opportunities. To advance in their career, MBA/PGDM in Business Analytics program of RACE is a great choice.”
  • “The program helped me to make a career transition as a Data Analyst. The well-structured MBA program of RACE has supported me in my career and has offered a lot of exposure in the data science/analytics domain. The structured and experiential learning at RACE will help the program participants to advance in their career.”
    Pavanraj Talawar
    Data Analyst in ANZ MBA in Business Analytics, Batch 2017-2019Watch Video
  • “Being a program/project manager for past 7 years and with more than 9 years of experience in technologies like Java, .net, DevOps, I got associated with REVA for MBA (Artificial intelligence). I have learnt from classroom sessions with many industry leaders and got the exposure in real-time business understanding in AI. The hands-on sessions at RACE helped me a lot in exploring new opportunities in Data Science and Artificial intelligence world.”
    Senior Project Manager for Data Science, L & T Infotech MBA in Business Analytics, 2018-2020 Batch
  • “After a long gap in my IT career, I was looking for a program that is globally recognized and has good demand in the market, that’s how I got to know about REVA University and the M. Tech program in Cyber Security. The program is very engaging in incorporating the latest technology and process. All the mentors are from the industry and provided us with skills what the industry needs and demands today.”
    Lisa Biswas
    Lisa Biswas
    Security Engineer, SLK Software PGD in Cybersecurity
  • “The program curriculum combines GRC/ Framework Models best fitting for specific enterprises, practical sessions demonstrating OWASPs Top 10 vulnerabilities and mitigations of the same with latest technical controls, and steps towards Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Most importantly, the technical discussions/debates among the peers, who have exceptional experience in various fields helped to learn and grow expertise in this upcoming domain.’
    Qazi Kaleem
    Network Development Engineer in Amazon M. Tech in Cybersecurity, Batch of 2018-2020
  • “Right from the inception of the cybersecurity program, I have been associated with REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence. RACE has conducted research and executed various projects that are appreciated by industry veterans. Uses programs around malware analysis, detection, prediction, and incident response and incident management modules that have been well-appreciated.”
    Sandeep Vijayaraghavan K
    VP- Cybersecurity & IT Services, Terralogic Watch Video
  • “This industry-oriented program will help the participants to excel in the cybersecurity domain. The program will help the participants to have a detailed understanding and applications of cybersecurity to grow the skillsets in the cybersecurity domain. One of the highlights of the program is the dedicated Security Operation Centre (SOC).”
    Ram Kumar G
    Industry Mentor for Cybersecurity programs, RACE Watch Video
  • “I have joined Master’s in Cybersecurity in 2018. It was an amazing learning experience at RACE. I used to work as a network architect in AT &T earlier and there was an amazing career transformation after joining the program. Gained a lot of experience in cybersecurity real-world threat scenarios and in safeguarding the organization against cyber threats. I would like to recommend this program to all working professionals who are interested in pursuing their higher studies”
    Ravi D N
    General Manager- Alcatel Lucent Enterprise M. Tech in Cybersecurity, Batch 2020Watch Video

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