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Participate in webinars/panel discussions conducted by REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence- RACE to get insights on valuable industry information and involve in a real-time conversation with industry insiders and thought leaders.

Past webinars

Architecting AI Solutions for Scale - Best Practices

30 August 2023

This webinar is focused on architecting AI solutions that scale effectively. Gain a deep understanding of key practices that drive successful machine learning projects from data ingestion to model deployment. Explore the realm of MLOps and discover how to orchestrate the entire machine learning lifecycle seamlessly.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Discuss Architectural Setup for a ML Project
  • Best Practices around Data Ingestion to Model Deploy
  • MLOps: Bridging the Gap between Development and Operations

Building Chatbot with Large Language Models

7 July 2023

In this webinar, Ratnakar Pandey, Advisor and Consultant for Generative AI at NuWare, shares valuable insights into the world of chatbots and how they can be developed using advanced Large Language Models. Gain practical knowledge on designing conversational flows, user experiences, and best practices for chatbot development.

Object Detection and Segmentation Workshop

30 June 2023

In this webinar, we bring you the key insights and practical knowledge shared during the workshop, which took place on June 30th. Usha Rengaraju, a leading expert in the field, addressed the technical challenges of AI-based Model Building for Object Detection and Segmentation on Plastic-Free Rivers with AI.

IoT Analytics in Smart Cities

29 April 2023

In the webinar, participants were introduced to the Power of IoT and unified operations management in Smart Cities. They learned about the crucial role of integrated command and control center platforms in facilitating real-time decision-making, emergency management, and resource allocation. The webinar emphasized the significance of constructing a City Data Lake, a unified platform for aggregating, managing, and analyzing data. Additionally, attendees explored the potential of AI/ML-based data analytics and how these technologies can help us extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of data, driving significant advancements in Smart Cities. As a bonus, participants had the opportunity to witness video clips demonstrating the City Digital Operations Platform (ICCC PLATFORM) in action.

Emerging and disruptive technologies with AI and changing industry expectations

25 March 2023

Are you ready to unlock the power of AI and disruptive technologies in the industry? Then join us for consultant data scientist of COMPEGENCE and educator, Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar’s ground-breaking presentation on “Emerging and disruptive technologies with AI and changing industry expectations”.

Top 10 Women Tech Leaders India Awards 2023

17 March 2023

On March 17, 2023, RACE, REVA University, in collaboration with Terralogic Inc., hosted the 3rd edition of the “Top 10 Women Tech Leader Award 2023” event. The event honored and celebrated women leaders who have contributed significantly to the technology industry, while also promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Self-Supervised Learning (SSL) for Large-scale AI adoption

19 February 2023

In this recent webinar, Dr Sai Hareesh, an innovator at Maestro Technologies, Inc. and a mentor for AI programs at REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence – RACE, REVA University, shared his thoughts on large-scale language models and how products like chatGPT are gaining momentum in democratising AI for everyone.

22 Years of Indian Cyber Law - Past, Present and Future

17 October 2022

Dr. Sai Sushanth covers topics like the right to privacy, digital slavery, cyberlaw applicability, Electronic Records, Facial Recognition, digital payments, the metaverse, and NFTs.
You’ll also get to see an interesting privacy game that will teach you about key cyber law aspects, Real-time case studies, Common Apps & Cyber Law Awareness, Key Cyber & Legal Learnings from Films, Emerging Tech & Key Cyber Legal Awareness- AI, Block Chain, Crypto, Metaverse and others.

Key Trends in Artificial Intelligence

8 October 2022

We were thrilled to have Usha Rengaraju, Chief of Research at Exa Protocol, Kaggle Grandmaster and Autism Awareness Champion, as our Guest of Honor at the inauguration of the Master’s programs in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity at RACE on October 8th, 2022. In her speech, she gave an insightful talk on Key Trends in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing Trends In 2022, Data Science Tools and Technologies, Future of ML Research – JAX, Data Science Framework, Data Science Job, and finally How To Build a Strong Data Science Portfolio.

Experience a Life-Changing Opportunity of Learning

8 October 2022

It was an honor to meet and listen to Lingraju Sawkar, President, Kyndryl India at the inauguration of the Master’s programs in Artificial intelligence, Business Analytics, Cloud Architecture and Security and Cybersecurity at RACE REVA university on October 8th, 2022. In his inaugural speech, he discussed the topic of “The Shape Of Tomorrow” and why the future is not always the continuation of the recent past. With interesting anecdotes, he explained “5 technological revolutions in the last 250 years”, “Disruptive Business Models”, and “Future Industry Disruptions”.

AI for Autism - Way Forward

14 June 2022

Expert session on AI for Autism – Way Forward to learn from the best of both the worlds – Medical and AI experts – on the early detection of autism and other learning disabilities. Dr C P Ravi Kumar, Lokesh Bathala, Senior Neurologists from Aster CMI Hospital and Dr. J B Simha, Usha Rengaraju AI Experts from REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence – RACE, REVA University will lead the sessions.

We are proud to present the top Six winners of the Kaggle Challenge on Autism Diagnosis during the event. Thanks to our Swag Sponsors Swiss Re and Terralogic Inc. Ashok Shetty and Sandeep Vijayaraghavan

AI for Neurodiversity

12 May 2022

Studies have shown that at least 1 in 6 people lives with one or more neurological conditions. Today, there are many technologies and solutions targeting neurodivergent individuals, e.g., AI-driven hiring platforms, social robots in classrooms, smart glasses for emotion recognition, speech recognition apps, eye-tracking, biofeedback, virtual and augmented reality for emerging education, data analytics dashboards, and various assistive and tracking applications. Usha Rengaraju, a three-time Kaggle Grandmaster and an Autism awareness champion led the webinar on how AI can help in early detection of high-end structure autism and other neuro disorders.

Top 10 Women Tech Leaders India Awards 2022

8 March 2022

UN announced the theme for International Women’s Day that falls on 8th March 2022 as ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’. The UN devises this theme to recognize the contribution of women and girls around the world to fight against the climate change and in building a more sustainable future for all.

RACE, REVA University in association with Terralogic Inc., celebrated women’s achievements in the tech world with the annual initiative ‘Top 10 Women Tech Leaders India Awards-2022’. RACE, REVA University honored 10 eminent women tech leaders who rose to the top positions in the technology domain at a virtual event on 8th March 2022

Building and Managing a Next-Gen SoC

24 February 2022

Enterprises are building and managing SOCs that detects, diagnose and remediate cyberattacks because of the high volume of malware attacks. SOCs support enterprises to enhance threat detection, reduce the probability of data breaches, and ensure appropriate incident management when incidents occur.

Budget 2022: A Techno-Legal Viewpoint

3 February 2022

REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence- RACE hosted a post-budget live panel discussion on ‘Budget 2022: A Techno-Legal Viewpoint’. The expert panel members who took part in the discussion were Sushanth Samudrala, Cyber Law Expert & CEO- Sushanth IT Law Associates, and Dr. J. B. Simha, Chief Mentor of RACE and CTO of ABIBA systems.

The Budget 2022 presented to the post-COVID economy aims to enhance economic growth amid the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the increasing inflation rate. The budget presented was intended to lay the foundation to steer the economy over the next 25 years- from India at 75 to India at 100.

Crime Analytics

27 January 2022

Increasing crime rates play a crucial role in hindering the growth of both developing as well as developed nations. This particular development in crime behavior always has a greater impact on foreign investments as well as the international image of the country in the global environment. Use the power of the FLUID framework to uncover hidden insights, patterns and trends from emails, video footage, chat files, text files, CCTV files, GPS information, CDR data, and social media feeds to strategically regulate and prevent crime in a nation.

Design Thinking for Artificial Intelligence

16 December 2021

Design thinking is a very powerful framework that blends non-linear cognitive and strategic thinking to enable decision-makers to drive high value and optimize efficiency for the organization. Design thinking relies more on people-centric as opposed to a process-centric approach.

In this webinar, Mithun D J, Senior Manager- Data Science of RACE, REVA University discussed on the topic ‘Design Thinking for AI’. Explained in detail about existing frameworks on analytics, drawbacks or existing frameworks, new framework devised by RACE, REVA University (FLUIDTM), and the merits of the new framework. He also presented a use case in the field of campaign analytics.

Data Privacy Trends and Challenges in Today's Connected World

25 November 2021

Today, data privacy is a hot topic as the cost, complexity, and size of cyberattacks are increasing day by day. Join the webinar on ‘Data Privacy Trends and Challenges in Today’s Connected World’ presented by Dr. Ram Kumar G, Information Security & Risk Leader to get insights on the increasing importance of organizational and personal data, and data protection awareness which is mandatory to deal with the consequences of data breaches.

This webinar will focus on the Data privacy regulations, Data privacy trends and challenges, Organizational competency and Need of skilled resources to protect data privacy.

Data Science for Digital Economy and Enterprise

26 August 2021

Data is the real fuel today without which enterprises cannot sustain in this competitive world. Enterprise value can be elevated only through coordination and integration of data across the organization. To achieve this, you need to integrate data, analytics and visualization.

AI/ML Disruption – The New Normal

22 July 2021

AI has started to show the signs of true intelligence and disrupt every industry with use cases that were considered as impossible, a few years ago. Learn how to reinvent your career by stepping into the mesmerizing world of AI & ML.

This webinar will focus on the AI Ladder, Branches of AI, Types of Data Analytics, Cognitive Systems, and Industry use cases from Telco, Banking, Supply Chain, Retail, Insurance, and other sectors.

Cloud Adoption and Cyber Revolution

1 July 2021

Cloud adoption is a strategic move used on a large scale by almost all organizations. Thanks to the pandemic! It has opened up a series of challenges in the industry. The most common problem found in cloud computing in a secured environment is to identify and maintain the necessary security controls.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Model Deployment

10 June 2021

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Model deployment is the integration of the ML/Dl model into a prevailing production environment that enable to make data-driven business decisions. Model deployment is the most cumbersome process in the machine learning life cycle.

Watch the recorded session of the webinar on “ML and DL Model Deployment Strategies and a Quick Demo with Fast API and AWS Sagemaker” hosted by REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence- RACE and presented by Pradeepta Mishra, Associate Principal- AI Product Engineering, LTI to receive practical insights on deployment strategies.

Dismantling Artificial Intelligence

29 April 2021

The dramatic shift in the applications of AI is powering up various industries in the world. The power of AI and machine learning is adding more value to both AI and Analytics industries. Get quick insights on the concepts of AI by watching the recording of the webinar on “Dismantling Artificial Intelligence – Reconstructing Your Idea of AI in AI and Analytics Industries” hosted by REVA Academy of Corporate Excellence-RACE, REVA University.

How to Land Your Dream Job in Analytics/Data Science/AI

27 January 2021

Get insights on how to become an analytics professional, skill requirements in the analytics domain, company expectations, career options, career challenges, how to overcome challenges, how to write a winning resume, and how to face a dreaded interview.

Watch the recorded webinar presentation on the topic ‘How to Land Your Dream Job in Analytics/Data Science/AI presented by Dr. Santosh Nair, Chief Analytics Officer & Founder, Analytic Edge.

Moneyball in HR with HR Analytics

7 January 2021

Learn how HR analytics helps to extract the best out of Talent Acquisition, Engagement, Performance, and Retention practices. In this presentation, you will be able to extract an understanding of the effectiveness of the Employee Lifetime Value Model that helps to bring change management in people practices and drive impressive results,

Watch the recorded webinar session of the webinar on ‘Moneyball in HR with HR Analytics’ presented by Dr. J. B. Simha, Chief Mentor of Business Analytics and AI programs of RACE, and CTO of ABIBA Systems.

Managing End-to-End AI Projects

17 December 2020

In this webinar on the topic ‘Managing End-to-End AI Projects’ and presented by Pradeepta Mishra, Head of AI-ML at L&T (Lymbyc), and Mentor and Board of Studies Member of RACE, you can enhance your knowledge on AI lifecycle, project approach, challenges of an AI project, scope, etc.

Watch the webinar recording to understand the process, best practices, technology and tools involved in managing a complete AI project end-to-end that are valuable for all data scientists and project managers.

Artificial Intelligence as the Architect of Your Future

15 September 2020

Get insightful industry information from the webinar on “Artificial Intelligence as the Architect of Your Future”  presented by Anindya Ghosh, Associate Partner-IBM, who discussed in detail the importance of various languages and how cognitive systems understand things, build reasoning ability and learn by interacting with human beings.

Watch the recording of the webinar to know more about the AI landscape, business/industry applications with AI, career choices in analytics and AI, and industry expectations.

Fast Track Your Career in AI

20 August 2020

Get an in-depth understanding of changing career requirements in this data-driven world from the webinar presentation by Dr. J.B. Simha, Chief Mentor of Business Analytics and AI programs, RACE, and CTO of ABIBA Systems on the topic “Fast Track Your Career in AI’.

Watch the recording of the session to imbibe valuable information on current skill requirements in the industry, how to make a career transition into managerial roles with AI/ML skills, how to become techno-functional AI/ML leaders and how to make data-driven decision-making.

AI/ML in BFSI Use Cases and Careers

13 August 2020

Explore through a wide range of customer life-cycle analytics use cases in BFSI ranging from Credit scoring, ML models in Prospecting, Risk modeling, Building Recommendation Engines, Fraud Analytics, Churn Prediction., etc.

Watch the webinar session on the topic ‘AI/ML in BFSI Use Cases and Careers’ presented by Ratnakar Pandey, Lead- AI and ML for Customer Service at Amazon and Mentor of AI and Business Analytics programs at RACE, which highlights the exciting opportunities available in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence use cases in Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI).

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Tasks

10 July 2020

Get insights into the emerging landscape of tools, techniques, processes involving NLP and its immense applications and possibilities from the webinar presentation of Pradeepta Mishra, Head of AI-ML at L&T (Lymbyc), and Mentor and Board of Studies Member of RACE on ‘Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Tasks’.

Watch the recorded webinar video to receive insights on a range of use cases where Deep Learning Models can be applied to solve NLP tasks ranging from Text Classification, Language Modelling, Speech Recognition, Text Generation, Machine Translation, Document Summarization, Question Answering and more.

Conversational AI and Its Applications

25 June 2020

Get to know how to create a system to recognize speech and text, and understand intent and context from the webinar presentation of Dr. J. B. Simha, Chief Mentor of Business Analytics and AI programs of RACE, and CTO of ABIBA Systems.

Watch the recorded webinar presentation on “Conversation AI and Its Applications’ to identify how to develop systems that can decipher different languages and respond in a way to mimic human conversation and design ways to integrate various channels like SMS and web chatbots for text modality to phone, and smart speakers for voice modality and many more.

Computer Vision and AI Applications

27 May 2020

The webinar on “Computer Vision and AI applications’ discussed elaborately on what is computer vision, how it affects our day-to-day life, factors driving computer vision and its impact on businesses, and how does computer vision work,

Watch the recording of the webinar presented by Ratnakar Pandey. Ratnakar Pandey, Leading ML and Analytics for Customer Service at Amazon and the Mentor at RACE to understand the tools and techniques used currently for CV such as Image Processing, Object Detection, Image Segmentation, etc.

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