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Certification Program in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Date: 30 Apr

Duration: 5 days | Program fee: 30,000 | Apply Now


Hours of Classroom Training


Hours of online practice


Real Time Project(7 hours)


Certifications from REVA University and AforeCybersec

About the Course

Vulnerability assessment falls under cyber security testing, which is also known as VAPT service and it is the technique of identifying (discovery) and measuring security vulnerabilities (scanning) in a given environment. Cyber-attacks are increasing every day with the increased use of mobile and Web applications.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are key skill sets in cybersecurity with exponential demand and insufficient talent pool to address that demand. The 2-week program is designed as an upskilling program for corporates to inculcate this important skill into employees and assist them to developing a threat hunting mindset.

Who can attend?

Security Analysts, anyone interested in joining the Cybersecurity industry with at least 2 plus years of technical experience, who have access to data, and are in a need of taking better-informed decisions. Earlier experience in handling similar roles will be helpful but not necessary to take full advantage of the program benefits.

Focus on VAPT Audits

In a conventional sense of VAPT most resources engage in passive monitoring and analysis of network logs, however with the given exponential rise in threats, identifying the right patterns and recognizing hidden threats is the real capability required in the responsible resources.

This program will help build that level of maturity in the students to help move them from basic monitoring to high level analytics abilities with the use of right tools, techniques and processes.

Program Outline

Topics Tools and Pedagogy
Vulnerability Assessment – Internal Organisational Assesment
  • Understanding security posture, developing an understanding and mitigating cybersecurity issues
  • Gathering Information about target computer systems – Foot printing and Investigation
  • Scanning computers in the Networks
  • Enumeration- Listing the systems/users and connecting them
  • Identifying Vulnerabilities associated with systems
NMap, Nessus, BurpSuite
Penetration Testing
  • Exploring Ethical Hacking
  • Exploring Malware Threats and their Counter measures
  • Monitoring and Capturing Data Packets using Sniffing
  • Restricting the System Access – Denial of Service (DoS Attack)
  • Tricking People to Gather Confidential Information – Social Engineering
  • Web Servers and Threats Associated with it
  • Web Applications and Threats Associated with it
  • Controlling User Session with Authenticated TCP Connection – Session Hijacking
  • Injecting code in data driven applications: SQL Injection
  • Hacking Mobile Platforms and Threats Associated with it
  • Encrypting and Decrypting the code – Cryptography and Its types
  • Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots
  • Wireless Networks and Threats Associated with it
  • Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Threats associated with it
NMap, Nessus, BurpSuite
VAPT Audits
  • Auditing the Systems
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Economics and Laws – Passwords and Encryption
  • Reporting dashboards
Hands-on sessions
VAPT – Use cases
  1. Best Practices in VAPT
  2. Methods to identify behavioural
Case study/Lab session
Real-time Project and mentoring

Highlighted Models

Live Industry Project

Program fee


Duration and timing

5 days


REVA University Campus (in their digital corporate training centre with HD recording and Live streaming facility)

Limited Seats only

Other Details

  • Certification on successful completion by REVA University and AforeCybersec (Twin Certification).
  • Learning kit and perpetual access to LMS.
  • Lunch / Tea and snacks will be provided.

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