REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence – RACE has launched a Kaggle community challenge on autism diagnosis. The intention is to create awareness and research the capabilities of early detection and diagnosis of autism. Usha Rengaraju, a three-time Kaggle Grandmaster and a champion of autism awareness will lead this competition with RACE researchers.

The Kaggle competition on ‘Predict the Likelihood of Autism’ is co-sponsored by Terralogic, and Swiss Re, where the goal of the competition is to find advanced autism screening solutions that predict the likelihood of this condition, which help the healthcare professionals to prioritize the resources. Compete and enhance your data science skills by participating in this competition.

Who can participate: Any data science enthusiast(s) can participate in the competition as an individual contributor or as a team of two.

More details on the dataset, rules, evaluation parameters, etc., are available in the link. 

The last date to submit the code is 15th June 2022.

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