Hackathon on Plastic-Free Rivers - RACE
to all the winners of Phase II

Track: General




torchFlow [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 1
Syntax Slayers [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 2
691825-U8T8P3A8 [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 3
Sagar [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 4
Techiee Hackers [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 5
Astrics [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 6
Atlantic Warriors [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 7
Aquamarine [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 8
Infinity [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 9
Vision Giants [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 10

Track: Kyndryl and REVA University

Kiernans [simple_tooltip content=’Australia’][/simple_tooltip] 1
Team_Solo_GSM [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 2
Code Craft RACErs [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 3
Weather-eye [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 4
Nuoc Tot [simple_tooltip content=’India’][/simple_tooltip] 5

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