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    Note: Any participant who wishes to change the batch in between the academic cycle need to pay a fee of Rs.10,000/-. You are allowed to change the batch only once. However, irrespective of the batch change, the original fee schedule shared during the time of admission must be followed.
    Mention the reason to request the batch change here (Mandatory)*

    Note: Any participant who wishes to move from a one-year PG Diploma program to a two-year Master's program (if not enrolled at the beginning) need to pay a fee of Rs. 10,000/- along with the applicable fee for the second-year program.
    Mention the reason to request the Program change here (Mandatory)*

    Note: If a participant is not successful in clearing an exam or wishes to improve the grade in a module, they can re-register for the exam. The fee for re-exam is Rs. 5000/-.
    Mention the name of the module to re-register (Mandatory)*

    A participant can re-register for the capstone project with an industry mentor and mentoring session. The re-registration fee is Rs. 15,000/-
    Mention the reason, project name and preferred industry mentor here (Mandatory)*

    If a participant is found guilty under Unfair Means as per the malpractice regulations, a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- will be charged. Re-registration charges will be extra. However, the discretion to approve the request will be based on the panel's decision and allowed once. If the person is caught a second time, they will be debarred from the program.
    Write your apology here. (Mandatory)*

    A participant requesting to apply for a duplicate copy of the transcripts or consolidated transcripts/change of names, etc., must pay Rs. 500/- per request.
    Mention the description of the request here (Mandatory)*



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