Success Stories

The success stories of our program participants of REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence- RACE, demonstrates remarkable career transitions; most of them from legacy roles to leading projects and product development. Each of our participants have shown great commitment to learning and have made the best use of the resources and mentorship available with us. We are truly proud of our cohorts.

Browse through the inspiring and real-life changing career success stories to get inspired and get featured in this page by joining our programs.

Somesh Sahu

Somesh Sahu

Senior Project Manager for Data Science, L & T Infotech
MBA in Business Analytics, 2018-2020 Batch

Being a program/project manager for past 7 years and with more than 9 years of experience in technologies like Java, .net, DevOps, I got associated with REVA for MBA (Artificial intelligence). I have learned from classroom sessions with many industry leaders and got exposure to real-time business understanding in AI. The hands-on sessions at RACE helped me a lot in exploring new opportunities in Data Science and Artificial intelligence world.

Suresha H P

Manager – AI/ML, Ernst & Young
MBA in Business Analytics, Batch of 2019-2021

I’m very grateful and proud to be part of the MBA in Business Analytics program at RACE, 2019-2021 Batch. The credit goes to RACE mentors and my batch mates. Still, a long way to go to learn and improve my skills”.

Ashok Shetty

Ashok Shetty

VP- Data Scientist, Swiss Re
MBA in Business Analytics, Batch of 2018-2020

“I have more than 12 years of experience and worked with various companies in the data science domain itself. Even though I have few years of experience before joining the program, this program helps in increasing my network with industry leaders. The program added value to my experience in Data Science and Business Analytics domain as the program allowed me to solve real-life problems using machine learning models and data science techniques. I will recommend this program to the working professionals”

Anshuman Dash

Senior Director & Delivery Head- IIoT, Microland Limited,
MBA in Business Analytics in 2019

MBA in Business Analytics of RACE is one of the highly recommended from my side. This program has everything that you need to build your career in business analytics. Starting from the basics to the advanced level of business analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and everything is taught here. In addition to the industry skills, you’ll also learn the management skills. I wanted to explore this area and bring value to my day-to-day work life that benefitted my customers, which improved the business multifold. The world-class facilities of RACE and REVA University and industry mentors will help you to reach your career goals”

Anshuman Dash
Pavanraj Talwar

Pavanraj Talawar

Data Analyst in ANZ,
MBA in Business Analytics-Batch of 2019

I work in ANZ and I have eleven years of experience. This program helped me a lot in my current role. Earlier, I was part of the testing division of ANZ and this program helped me to move into the analytics role. I am currently working as a Data Analyst in ANZ. The overall program is very well-structured- the first trimester is mostly about data science, the second trimester is for IBM tools, the third trimester is about business-related analytics. 4th trimester is all about industry use cases and how to apply analytics. We worked on three different capstone projects and we got opportunities to present our work at different international conferences that provide a lot of confidence. The program helped me in my career journey in analytics and I would recommend this program to everyone”

Kiran Muloor

Senior Program Manager, LTI
MBA in Business Analytics- Batch of 2021

“Having worked in the IT industry for almost 15 years with development experience, I had the opportunity to enhance my technical skills by registering with REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence. A Master’s in Business Analytics has helped me to accelerate my career and gain exposure to analytics and data science. The real-world case study that incorporated structured learning helped the participants to improve their skills. The RACE program has opened up new opportunities in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for me.”

Kiran Muloor

Kavitha M

VP- Data Governance, Goldman Sachs
PGDM in Business Analytics, Batch of 2019

“PGDBA in Business Analytics is an excellent mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Instructors are data analytics experts from different domains and educate students about the latest industry trends, providing practical knowledge required to succeed in the field. It allowed me to learn the application of the latest data analytics techniques in solving real-life problems.”

Satyajit Pal

Infrastructure Architect, Kyndryl
MBA in Business Analytics, Batch of 2018-2020

It was an incredible experience pursuing an MBA in AI at REVA University and being part of RACE executive courses from 2018-2020. The faculties are very professional and compassionate. All these aspects are outstanding for RACE REVA executive courses, the training materials, the program organizer, the laboratory equipment, and appointed a mentor for me while working on the capstone projects. I learned a lot from my mentor. With the help of the Program Coordinator and Mentor, I represented my team twice in the International Conferences like International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, IISC – Bangalore (2018) & International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, IIM – Bangalore (2019). I have written two Research Papers as well, which are published in International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing (IJESC). This course gave me a different role and image in my company. I would therefore strongly recommend the RACE, REVA University executive courses, especially the Data Science Courses. The faculties and the coordinators of the program are the foundations of these specially designed courses for executives.”

Satyajit Pal_1

Andrea Brian Churchill

Project Management Analyst in IQVIA
MBA in Business Analytics- Batch 2021

While joining this program, I didn’t have much idea about it. I knew that it is related to analytics but I didn’t know how it will be helpful in healthcare. It give a new perspective to my career and I think it has given a lot more opportunities to check on. That is the greatest achievement I have achieved from the course. The mentors are all industry mentors and help us how to achieve a project. I am not a coding person, still I achieved it because of the support I received from RACE.  The interactive classes boosted my confidence and has helped me a lot”.

Sneha Tiwari

Consultant in Capgemini
MBA in Business Analytics- Batch 2021

I have completed the MBA in Business Analytics from REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence-RACE. Initially, I was not sure this program is going to be useful to me. Now, I find my approach is entirely different. I know how to study myself and what all things I need. I became capable of taking decision on my own. Apart from this, the mentors here in RACE are very supportive. The curriculum provided by RACE is based on the industry standards.”

Sneha Tiwari
Taiba Naz

Taiba Naz

Senior Data Analyst at Indegene Private Limited
MBA in Business Analytics – Batch 2022

“RACE (REVA) has provided me a platform to restart my career after 11 years of career break and helped me in smooth transition from Mechanical to Data science field. MBA in Business Analytics course syllabus is comparative to tier-1 institute PGDM course for first year and in the second year it includes the management part required to grow at affordable cost. All the mentors & RACE Director- Dr. Shinu Abhi are quite supportive and industry expert.”

Krishna Kant Roy

Senior Financial Analyst at Honeywell
MBA in Business Analytics- Batch 2022

“In this world where there are products just marketed and sold without any deep meaning or just the time where education is become mere a business. I happen to come across RACE REVA at a stage where I had burnt my hands earlier with others and was taking my steps carefully. It’s said that we doubt the true thing and same happened with me. And I’m happy that I was wrong about the RACE program.

The MBA in Business Analytics of RACE have transformed me from a beginner in analytics to proficient in analytics. I got the opportunity to work with Honeywell and I’m thankful to my mentors and Dr. Shinu for guiding me throughout in this journey”.

Krishnakant roy

Lisa Biswas

Security Engineer, SLK Software
MS in Cybersecurity

After a long gap in my IT career, I was looking for a program that is globally recognized and has good demand in the market, that’s how I got to know about REVA University and the M. Tech program in Cyber Security. The program is very engaging in incorporating the latest technology and process. All the mentors are from the industry and provided us with skills what the industry needs and demands today.”

Qazi Kaleem

Network Development Engineer in Amazon
M.Tech in Cybersecurity, Batch of 2018-2020

“The program curriculum combines GRC/ Framework Models best fitting for specific enterprises, practical sessions demonstrating OWASPs Top 10 vulnerabilities and mitigations of the same with latest technical controls, and steps towards Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Most importantly, the technical discussions/debates among the peers, who have exceptional experience in various fields helped to learn and grow expertise in this upcoming domain.’

Qazi Kaleem


M. Tech in Cybersecurity

RACE, REVA University’s M. Tech program has benefited me in multiple ways. I look at this program output in three ways

  1. This program has shown various career paths of security, which has given me the right directions to start exploring to gain expertise
  2. Got to meet Industry experts as mentors and helped to discuss real-life applications of Cybersec.
  3. Excellent network opportunities with people in similar fields which helped many of us to grow our knowledge and grow professionally.

During the program, I changed my career into Cybersec professional and is placed as Security Architect at Signify in their R&D team. Thanks to all the mentors and my classmates!

Divyendu Bhat

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – Paytm Money,
M. Tech in Cybersecurity

I started my Information journey almost a decade ago in cybersecurity operations/engineering role and moved across the security domains covering security implementation, design, monitoring, testing, and learning from Industry Gurus, which enabled me to anchor a CISO role. The key components involved in achieving this leadership role include the focus on structured learning and the Master’s program of RACE, REVA University.”

Divyendu Bhat
Wasef Anwar

Wasef Anwar

Associate Consultant, HCL Technologies
M.Sc. in Cybersecurity, Batch of 2021

“I am currently working as an Associate Consultant in HCL Technologies in the identity and access management field. My job is to deploy and implement cybersecurity tools in Fortune 500 companies. Initially, joining the master’s program was an epiphany and coincidence. The epiphany was that I was unable to grow in my organization and the coincidence is that I have seen an ad on cybersecurity on my desktop. Throughout my learning journey, I have realized that there is a difference between a certification and degree. In this degree, I had the necessary knowledge to think about cybersecurity from a very granular perspective to a macro perspective and implement the same through my capstone projects and my publication. This degree gives you the full length and breadth of knowledge required in cybersecurity. I would recommend this program as this is a valuable asset to the learners who want to get into the niche field of cybersecurity.”

Ravi D N

General Manager- Alcatel Lucent,
M. Tech in Cybersecurity, Batch of 2018-2020

I have joined Master’s in Cybersecurity in 2018 and it was an amazing learning experience at RACE. I used to work as a network architect with AT &T earlier. I have experienced an amazing career transformation after enrolling myself with RACE and gaining a lot of experience in cybersecurity. The program gives you a perception of how we are into the world threats and safeguard yourself. I’ll definitely suggest to program to all the working professionals as the expectation standards are high with a good support system of industry trainers.

Ravi DN
Satish Katepalli Sreenivasaiah

Satish Katepalli Sreenivasaiah

Security Architect with a large MNC,
Class of 2020, M. Tech in Cybersecurity

I have had the experience of working on Application Security before joining REVA University’s Cybersecurity Master’s program. I wanted to understand the entire landscape of cybersecurity such as Security Operations, Digital Forensics, Security Orchestration Automation and Response, Cyber Analytics, Cloud Security, Cyber Range, and other emerging trends. The course has provided a complete overview and hands-on lab experience in all the above areas. This course is extremely relevant to all those who are looking to go wider and deeper in the cybersecurity domain.”

Parth Pandya

M. Tech in Cybersecurity, Batch of 2021

“I have started my learning journey with Batch 1 of Cybersecurity. I would like to recommend this program to everyone because of multiple reasons. The academicians at RACE are industry mentors who have hands-on knowledge in their respective domains. M. Tech in Cybersecurity is a well-designed long-term program, which is always better than a certification program. I have also published two papers and this is great learning experience for me with REVA University.”

Parth Pandya
Sabah Mistry

Sabah Mistry

Associate Director – Corporate Services

“For me, it was a very educative and informative experience. It opened my mind and world to knowledge and topics in Business and Office dynamics and workings that I was not aware of in the past. It helped me to brush up on things that I knew and had taken for granted. It grew my mind and took me on a journey of great learning and interaction. Loved the opportunity to absorb and pick the brains of people who have been specialized in their specific lines. Thank you REVA and a special thanks to Dr. Shinu for her patience and guidance!”

Sheetal Kaul

Associate Director – Operations

“Overall the course design was very good. Trainers’ connection with all the participants was excellent.”

Sheetal Kaul
Ramkumar Dhanapathy

Ramkumar Dhanapathy

Deputy Manager – System Operations 2, Information System Division,
Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd.

“We would like to thank the entire REVA University team for arranging Phase I – Cyber Security customized training program specially crafted based on our need of the hour. Really appreciate for enabling such a great facility, great set of faculties, arrangements, and especially overwhelming hospitality by REVA Management and Team. Thanks again to REVA Team and Management.”

Biswaranjan Das

Senior Manager, UCO Bank

“Excellent learning experience overall. Passionate and dedicated trainers and support staff. Hard to suggest anything to improve as it was perfectly planned and executed.”

Yeswanth R

Yeswanth R

Senior Manager, UCO bank

“Awesome faculty. Loved the experience of learning; awesome campus; the great service at the Guesthouse. Thank you team REVA Academy for Corporate excellence-RACE, REVA University”.

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