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10 Aug 2023

Recommendation Systems

How difficult does it seem to choose a movie these days? A new era of information, the big data era,
17 Jun 2023

Tackling Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution in rivers has become a pressing global issue
19 May 2023

Entwining Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the convergence of blockchain...
27 Mar 2023

Grand Inauguration of Master’s program

RACE, REVA University hosted a grand inauguration event on March 25th, 2023
28 Dec 2022

Data Sanitization & Privacy Preservation Method on Edge Nodes

With more edge devices becoming internet-connected, the demand for real-time...
22 Dec 2022

Prediction of Delays in Invoice Payments using Machine Learning

Accounts Receivable (AR), is the most valuable asset of an organization.
22 Dec 2022

Credit Card Segmentation and Recommendation System

Credit cards are an integral part of the growing economy in the Banking and Financial industry.
22 Dec 2022

Sales Analytics to Drive Profitablity – A Case Study of a Fashion E-Commerce Retailer

This research is based on a global fashion retailer that entered India in 2021.
22 Dec 2022

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value using ML: A Comparative Analysis !

CLTV is a key metric that can be predicted for a customer to know the future value that the customer can add to a business or firm.
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