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AI revolution in the future will not be supervised. If Reinforcement Learning is the cherry and Supervised Learning is the icing, Self-Supervised Learning (SSL) is the cake itself, says Yann LeCun, AI Chief of Facebook. SSL has become a very powerful tool for AI while decoupling human labeling and associated challenges. Used extensively in image and text processing, you cannot miss learning more about SSL. Many GPT models including Chat GPT have taken advantage of SSL.

In this webinar, Dr. Sai Hareesh will provide valuable lessons on SSL and a few successful implementations of SSL including Chat GPT.

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Dr. Sai Hareesh is currently working as an Innovator at Maestro Technologies, Inc. He has completed his Ph.D in Computer Vision from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He has 12+ years of working experience in both Academia and Industry Working on a variety of AI (ML + DL + MR) algorithms for HR, Defense, Healthcare, Telecom, Industrial IOT, Digital Marketing, Retail, Business and Renewables domain data. He has Hands-on experience in Computer Vision (video, image), NLP(text), IoT (time-series, numerical data ), Speech (Audio) complemented with Data Visualization and Creative Ideation. Till date he has registered 35 publications and 55 patents / Disclosures and been honored by 35 Awards. He is also an efficient public speaker and has presented more than 28 Technical Talks.

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