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Industry Projects – Call for Proposal

Inviting Proposals for Industry Projects

We are inviting proposals from organizations, industry leaders, business unit heads, and entrepreneurs on relevant business or social problems for which our participants can work on. We are looking for project proposals in which advanced level of technical exposure is required, which must be at the Master’s level that is not only limited to address the industry problems but also the social problems as well. After submitting the proposal, we will share the proposal with our participants and connect you with them for further interview or discussions related to the project.

Industry Projects

Cybersecurity, AI, and Analytics Master’s and Doctoral programs, all our participants are required to undertake industry projects solving live industry-grade problems.

These research-driven industry projects are required to have high business relevance and values that can fulfill the requirement of industries across various domains. Generally, our participants work on these industry projects in two ways. They may choose a problem statement with their organization and get mentored by their company-identified mentors. They may also choose to work on problem areas shared by other organizations and mentors at RACE, who are top industry leaders.

What is RACE expecting?

RACE carries out a variety of Research and Development activities as part of the course curriculum, consultancy services and/or independent research work sponsored by companies. We expect a project proposal from your organization on which our participants can work on. On these projects, our participants can have a mentor from your organization, or they can have the guidance from the mentors those who are already associated with RACE. You may choose to provide the participants with a Certificate of Completion at the end of the project based on your norms.

Benefits of Association

Through these industry projects, the organization can get an opportunity to solve their business problems or a social or real-life problem. Since our participants are experienced industry professionals, you will have access to diverse skill sets.  If you propose an unsolved business problem through this initiative, you will get a viable solution at the end of the project. You may also seek to hire if the requirements and skillsets match your organization. If you propose to solve a social or real-life problem, these projects can go further including funding from appropriate agencies.

We also encourage and support our participants to write and publish research papers in indexed journals which can be co-authored by industry mentors. Publishing in top journals would add great value to the authors. We also support publishing select projects as case studies or white papers, where the credentials of the organization/mentor will be provided.

Cost of Association and Deliverables

The cost to sponsor a project is INR 1,00,000 per month. 

The sponsored organisation will receive the following support from RACE Labs.

  1. The resource(s) would spend a maximum of 80 hours per month on the project as per the specifications. The resource(s) will be identified mutually from our pool of participants from the Master’s and Doctoral programs.
  2. One faculty with PhD in the relevant area of study who would be responsible for the project delivery and support (15 hours of supervision and final reports, codes and presentation)
  3. One senior Industry mentor who would monitor the progress of the project (5 Hours per month)
  4. Access to high-performance computer labs during the sponsorship period.
  5. Access to REVA research and innovation ecosystem, which include E-library and IEEE Xplore, plagiarism software, etc.

Note: A brief profile of our faculty and industry mentors are in the annexure.

IP and Patents

If the project is confidential in nature, NDA will be signed between the parties involved. Any Intellectual Properties created out of the projects/ terms could be discussed and finalized based on mutual discussion. If the IP to be in the name of the sponsored organization only, then that provision will be made in the agreement.

RACE Participants Profiles

RACE program participants are industry professionals with a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 20 plus years of experience and have a diverse range of experience, expertise and skill-sets. The participants’ resumes can be shared on request.

Sample Projects at RACE

RACE program participants have worked on a variety of interesting problem-solving projects across the domains as part of their project work. Some sample projects are listed below.


Domain Name of the Project
Analytics/Data Science
  • Agricultural Commodity Price Forecasting & Anomaly Discovery
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Employee Life Cycle Analytics
  • Financial Analytics for Stock Market and Algo-Trading
  • Sentiment Analysis and Net Promoter Score Improvement
  • Voice of Customers’ Studies
  • Customer Base Analysis, Segmentation, Campaign Optimisation
Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Classification and Detection using Deep Learning
  • Resume Classification and Scoring Using NLP
  • Detection of Social Distancing in Covid Times
  • Speech Analytics for Teaching a Vernacular Language
  • Voice Assistants/Chat Bots with Humanoid
  • Autonomous Vehicle Systems
Cyber Security
  • Open Tool Cyber Range System
  • Attack Framework for Smart Cities
  • Threat Modelling for a Cloud-Based Rental Car Solution
  • Detection of Social Distancing in Industrial Environment
  • Ransomware Auto-Detection in IoT Devices Using Machine Learning
Customized Solutions

Project Duration

Each participant will work on the select project ranging from 2 months to 6 months. The projects can be progressed from phase 1 (approx. 2 months) to phase 2 (approx. 4 months). Participants are expected to work around 150 hours or more on each phase. The project progress will be monitored and updated by RACE program office.

How to submit the proposal?

The proposal can be submitted at any time of the year by indicating the following details in a word document.

  1. Organization’s Details
  2. Project Lead contact details
  3. The topic of the project
  4. Brief Description
  5. Expected Outcome
  6. No. of hours required
  7. Details of resources needed
  8. NDA if any
  9. Details on accessing the data/information and connecting with organizational stakeholders
  10. Any other relevant information.

The proposals in a word document to be sent to:

Dr. Shinu Abhi Director- Corporate Training

For any queries, please reach out to us.

Do visit our state-of-the-art research facilities at the campus.

Annexure – Faculty

Dr. J. B Simha

Professor and Chief Mentor – Analytics and AI, CTO, ABIBA Systems

Dr. Simha’s core competency is in R&D in AI, Business Intelligence and Analytics consulting. He has implemented several large scale systems for telecom, BFSI and manufacturing industries in business intelligence and analytics. He has a PhD and Post Doc in Intelligent Systems and AI. Dr. Simha as Deep expertise in in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning/Deep learning, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Social Media Analytics, DW/OLAP solutions using dimensional modeling and Big data with techno functional competencies. Academic advisory experience in transferring AI/BI/Analytics skills to academic diaspora and guiding research. Dr. Simha has published 50 plus papers in international journals and conferences with 5 best papers in algorithms for machine learning/applications. He has been recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Prominent Data Science Academicians in India: 2019’ by Analytics India Magazine.

Dr. Shinu Abhi

Professor and Director, Corporate Training, Fulbright Fellow

Dr. Shinu Abhi leads the corporate training programs in emerging technologies for working professionals and organizations. RACE runs top ranked programs in Analytics, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence both regulated and customized programs for working professionals and organizations. Dr. Shinu Abhi is a Fulbright fellow at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania. She is a certified Entrepreneurship Educator with Honours, by National Entrepreneurship Network, IIM Bangalore, Stanford University (STVP) and ISB Hyderabad and have trained aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups on data driven business modelling. She has two decades plus of experience in industry and Academia of repute. She has a PhD and MPhil in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, MBA in Marketing and PG in Instructional Design (PGDID). Her expertise is in Customer analytics and Building AI systems for business impact. She has deep functional and project management skills.

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