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Why is Cybersecurity Necessary?

Why is Cyber Security Necessary?

The rapidly advancing digital scenario requires every business to be aware of the vulnerability factor associated with any form of data. It is true that the cyber world has increased the inter-connectedness in this new world but there are newer forms of threats too that require us to be cautious at every step. Considering the seriousness of the cyber threats and risks targeting confidential data, IT infrastructure aimed at data theft, data manipulation, disabling IT infrastructure resulting in unavailability of online services, etc, it is mandatory to have a system in place that safeguards our data from any possible breaches.

What is cyber security?

Referring to a wide array of technologies that are used to protect programs, networks and data, cyber security is a well-constructed practice to be prepared from cyber threats. The attacks in the digital space are usually aimed at accessing information illegally, extorting money as ransom in exchange for crucial data, destroying information of critical information and disrupting business operations.

Importance of Cyber Security

Given the prevailing cyber threatscape, it is only prudent that companies take robust measures that revolve around people, technology and processes to protect themselves against highly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Increased vulnerability –

By using tactics such as malware, social engineering and ransomware, attackers have learnt to exploit the vulnerabilities of any system to launch attacks more advanced in nature. Due to lack of storage facility, organizations immensely depend upon the cloud storage facility which needs exceptional governance. Any discrepancy in the handling of the cloud storage facility can result in irreparable damage to the business.

Big data concerns –

Every organization is handling monumental data volumes. With the advancement in technology, the data structure has been given new formats which are not as well-structured as in the case of conventional data saving methods. Internet of Things is another of the latest enterprise in which the data transfer and access are being done without paying much heed to the safety measures. Defective communication as well as lack of a proper password, might often be the gateway to the data security breach.

Every week, some organization or the other becomes a victim of cyber attacks where they lose large chunks of data as one of the many debilitating effects of these attacks. It is important to note that the cyber attacks targeting big brands are the only ones that make it to the headlines while several others where individuals fall prey to cyber terrorists never reach our ears.

Organizations should take cyber security seriously where they are not just abiding by the cyber security policies for fulfilling regulatory compliance or meet customer requirements but incorporate the major cyber security tenets for protecting their business, data, IT infrastructure and customer interests. To do so, the key strategic imperative is to approach cyber security as an essential component of business and not as an afterthought. This means the organizations adopting “Secure by Design” principle in their business operations and processes – application development, IT network, supply chain management, manufacturing operations, etc. supported by a robust integrated security governance, risk and compliance program covering Information Security, Application Security, IT Infrastructure Security and Physical Security domains. A live and tested Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program will help in ensuring the business is resilient in the face of disruptions/crises caused by cyber attacks, man-made disruptions like trade shut downs, transport strikes, sudden inaccessibility to business facilities, and natural disasters like flooding, cyclone, etc.

To develop a strong foundation in the field of Cyber Security, there are options for enrolling for a wide range of comprehensively designed certified courses in cyber security. These innovative courses enable participants to learn the necessary cyber security basics. REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence, REVA University, and AforeCybersec Technology Pvt. Ltd, a premier service provider in cyber security solutions jointly offer a one year/ two-year PGD/MTech in Cyber Security program for fast-rising working professionals integrating next-generation tools, technologies, simulators, global industry certifications and much more. The program is designed with an aim to shift the focus of cyber security to make a positive difference for the businesses in the long run.

Download the white paper on cybersecurity, by Ram Kumar G, leading information security professional in India.

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