Webinars Archives - RACE
14 Jun 2022

AI for Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is described as the variations in the human brain and ...
1 Apr 2022

Building & Managing a Next-Gen SOC

When it comes to cybersecurity, several organizations are taking it as granted.
16 Mar 2022

Crime Analytics- An Overview

Crime Analytics is a branch of analytics that deals with the application
7 Feb 2022

Why is Data Analytics Important in Healthcare Industry?

Data analytics can be considered as the way forward in every industry.
19 Jan 2022

Design Thinking for Artificial Intelligence

Design thinking is a very powerful framework that blends non-linear cognitive and...
21 Dec 2021

Data Science for Digital Economy and Enterprise

As digital transformation and digitization are happening across the industries,
17 Dec 2021

Data Privacy Trends and Challenges in Today’s Connected World

In today’s connected world, technologies have become part and parcel of everyone’s life.
18 Aug 2021

AI/ML Disruption- The New Normal

The emergence of the pandemic had created an impact not only on the global economy but also disrupted the technology at large.
27 Jul 2021

Cloud Adoption and Cyber Revolution

Machine learning and deep learning models add value to organizations as they provide insights to the end-users.
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