Research – RACE
9 Dec 2021

Privilege Access Analysis Security Tool for Windows and Linux

In an organization, governing privilege access to their infrastructure, data...
25 Nov 2021

Topic Modeling & Sentiment Analysis of Electric Vehicles

Social networking sites like Twitter are valuable sources of information.
26 Oct 2021

Preserving & Randomizing Data Responses in Web Application

Today, the privacy of individual data has become a prime concern as a huge amount of data is generated online.
8 Oct 2021

Virtual Try-on with Image Using Deep Learning

The traditional way of shopping apparels involved visiting shops or markets.
30 Sep 2021

AI-based App for English Language Learning in Vernacular Languages

According to the ASER education report 2018...
1 May 2020

Employee Efficiency with HR Analytics Maturity

Human resource management is going through a massive change due to an unexpected change in the working paradigms...
19 Dec 2018

Intelligent Profiling for Human Capital Utilization

It has been observed in recent research that Human Capital Management (HCM)
18 Dec 2018

Ransomware Auto-Detection In IoT Devices Using Machine Learning

The term Internet of Things (often abbreviated IoT) was coined by...
18 Dec 2018

Breast Cancer Prediction from Finite Needle Aspiration Data using ML

Breast Cancer is cancer that develops in cells of the breasts. It is the second most common...
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