17 Jun 2023

Tackling Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution in rivers has become a pressing global issue
31 Mar 2023

Top 10 Women Tech Leader Award 2023

The women leaders honored at the event had achieved extraordinary success
27 Mar 2023

Grand Inauguration of Master’s program

RACE, REVA University hosted a grand inauguration event on March 25th, 2023
17 Mar 2023

Driving Strategic Growth with Continuous Learning

As Vice President & Head of Global IT, Aristocrat at a leading gaming company
16 Mar 2023

Cybersecurity Advocate and Bodybuilder Extraordinaire

Shubhangee Shelke is a renowned banking and cybersecurity professional
16 Mar 2023

Building an Intellectual, Innovative and Incredible India with Robotex

Payal Rajpal is a distinguished professional who has made significant contributions...
16 Mar 2023

Leading AI revolution with compassion

Dr. Swati Jain is a highly accomplished professional
16 Mar 2023

Pioneering Digital Transformation and Technological Advancements in India with NIC

Alka Misra has a distinguished career with the National Informatics Centre, NIC
15 Mar 2023

Nurturing women CEOs for a balanced future

Supria Dhanda, Executive Board Member - ABS India Pvt. Ltd.
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