2 Dec 2020

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021

Artificial intelligence as an industry phenomenon is growing rapidly and becoming a buzzword in every organization.
25 Nov 2020

How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Businesses

AI began with an ancient wish to forge the gods. Pamela McCorduck , Machines Who Think, 1979
15 Sep 2020

Artificial Intelligence as the Architect of Your Future

AI technology has been around from 1970’s onwards and hence is not a new technology. Though there is a hype around implementing AI across domains....
13 Aug 2020

AI/ML in BFSI Use Cases and Careers

BFSI is an acronym for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. BFSI sector consists of commercial banks, non-banking financial institutions, .....
10 Jul 2020

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Tasks

Deep learning is the subcategory of machine learning in the artificial intelligence domain. It has neural networks that are capable of unsupervised or supervised learning....
25 Jun 2020

Conversational AI and Its Applications

What is conversational AI? Majority of the people have a preconceived notion about conversational AI that it is all about chatbots. ....
27 May 2020

Computer Vision and AI Applications

As a precursor to the launch of M. Tech/PGD in Artificial Intelligence, REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence organized a webinar on ‘Computer Vision ...
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