Application An AI-based Cognitive Chatbot for VMware Troubleshooting


All businesses need a faster and more efficient way of accessing the correct information to take quality decisions. The amount of information available inside an enterprise is humongous and needs to be contextualized and filtered before providing the same to the users. Automated conversational agents or intelligent chatbots have become ubiquitous solutions to tackle this need. This paper aims to design and implement a 24/7 interactive, Al-based chat system that can quickly respond to end-user queries and recommend the required information. Here, the authors showcase how with IBM Watson Assistant, a cognitive agent can process documents about VMware-related issues. IBM Watson’s cognitive intelligence combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive natural language understanding and human-like conversations. The chatbot offers an interactive platform with the IBM Watson chatbot to handle queries related to VMware Snapshots and storage and recommend solutions without human intervention, thus saving time and resources

Published in: 7th INDIACom; 2023 10th International Conference as INDIACom-2023


Shinu Abhi

Kiran Raj K

Deepak Arora

Amal Bhagat

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