Internet of things (IoT) and Security


This paper introduces IoT (Internet of Things), that is creating a digital environment where every device is connected and is becoming more and more intelligent and increasing the efficiency of different processes. The Architecture, Technologies, Components and Applications of Internet of Things along with challenges involved are highlighted. IoT increases productivity, shortens the processes involved, creates better products, and has a huge potential for innovation by integrating both digital and physical components. This paper briefly describes the design of smart home automation architecture that utilizes a smart phone application to remotely control various appliances like door access, fans, geysers, CCTV, lights, air-conditioning, power, and water supply at home. Different components with advanced technology are used to create the home automation application. The whole system which includes different appliances are preprogramed, remotely controlled, and are constantly monitored. We will also discuss key IoT challenges and security risks, and security requirements in this paper.

Published in: International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)


Nagaraja Seshadri

Sivakumar Dhakshinamoorthy

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