Daily Bread – A Gourmet Pursuit – A Case Study


Synopsis Arjun Sekri, a professional-turned-entrepreneur, set out to establish the first branded gourmet industrial bakery in Bengaluru, India in late 2002. His lack of experience in the unorganized food and beverages industry did not deter him from establishing a highly popular industrial and retail bakery chain called “Daily Bread”. The case is about his roller coaster ride in establishing a premium retail food brand in India. Though many of the stores did reasonably well, many things went wrong predominantly on the operations front due to the severe impact of global price inflation, manifested by high real estate rentals, raw material, packing and logistics costs and wage costs. After two years of rapid expansion, in order to curb the bleeding bottom line, Arjun decided to shut down all the newly created stores and production units except the one in Bengaluru which was doing well. By late 2009, the dilemma Arjun faced was what should he do next? Research methodology The case study is based on primary data collected from the protagonist and a few other stakeholders involved in the case along with secondary data from published sources. Relevant courses and levels Entrepreneurship courses at MBA level or executive programs. Theoretical bases The case deals with the life cycle management of a venture with special emphasis on opportunity evaluation, setting up, funding and stakeholders selection.


Dr. Shinu Abhi

Professor and Director - Corporate Training

Dr. Vasanti Venugopal

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