Can Social Entrepreneurs Do Well by doing Good?

Abstract: For-profit Social Entrepreneurial Ventures (SEVs) and Entrepreneurial Ventures (EVs) differ from each other in their purpose, mission and process. Many researchers were sceptical about SEVs blending social good with economic benefits. In the extant literature, there are hardly any empirical studies to refute this perceived notion that SEVs find it hard to balance both economic and social gain compared to their commercial counterparts. This study is an attempts to bridge this gap, bringing data from 140 practicing social and business entrepreneurs to answer the two fundamental questions; Can SEVs align wealth creation while serving a social purpose and do it well? Do they still lag behind business enterprises in creating profitable ventures?


Published in: Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol: 23 Issue: 2, Allied Academy


Dr. Shinu Abhi

Professor and Director - Corporate Training

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