Growing Importance of Artificial Intelligence in the Gaming Industry

Growing Importance of Artificial Intelligence in the Gaming Industry

Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of every industry including the gaming industry. Today, video games are using elements of artificial intelligence in one form or the other. Artificial intelligence plays a major role in the gaming industry as the video gaming experience solely depends on the video and image quality.

The online games are blooming even though the pandemic has disrupted the global economy. PlayStations, virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality created an online space for gamers to socialize and enhance the visualization of high definition images or characters in the games. Nowadays, a majority of games are packed with AI processes and programs to enhance the player experience. The use of AI in the gaming industry is a steppingstone to develop interactive and smarter games that provide real-life experience to gamers.

Throughout this article, we will discuss how AI plays an important role in the gaming industry. Here, we will discuss the boost to gaming space with the help of AI along with the important features that has made it really interesting.

How Artificial Intelligence Boosts the Gaming Experience

The impact of artificial intelligence on the gaming industry is huge as it delivers real-life gaming experience to the users. The opportunities available in the gaming industry for AI is enormous. Integration of AI can change the nature of the interactive games drastically.

Here are the reasons for the growing importance of AI in the gaming industry.

  • Enhances Visualization

When AI is used in game development, there will be a substantial difference in the visualization of games. It enhances the visual appeal by creating real-life characters, environments and backgrounds for the games. The AI brings in immense possibilities to the visual or graphic effects of various games. The advancement visualization techniques allow the developers to think out-of-the-box to bring in the real-lifelike gaming experience.

Integration of virtual reality and augmented reality in the games like Pokemon Go have made incredible progression in 3D visualization techniques. Game developers are using artificial intelligence to overcome the challenges faced for creating real-lifelike characters.

  • Smarter and Interactive Games

Advancements and innovations in the AI domain take the gameplay to the next level. In recent years, mobile gaming is witnessing a substantial shift in the gaming experience of the player. Adoption of voice intelligence (Vi) into the games allows the players to enjoy a personalized gaming experience.

Because of the increased interaction between the players in a virtual gaming scenario, natural-sounding AI speech is slowly replacing the text-to-speech (TTS) dialogues as it is in the game of Dragon Quest Play. The Vi offers endless possibilities to the game developers as it helps them to creating dynamic and tailored in-game plots with dialogues of the characters. The natural-sounding dialogues of the characters make the games smarter and interactive.

  • Complex Modeling

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are capable of developing complex modeling systems. Game developers have to strive hard to create immersive and realistic games. However, with the help of machine learning algorithms, developers develop complex models that can replicate real-life actions.

  • Mobile Gaming

According to the Newzoo market report, the global mobile gaming market will reach $180 billion by 2021. Hence, the opportunities for AI in mobile gaming is endless, which include development, testing, and interaction of mobile games. One of the examples for the mobile game that uses AI is Artie’s Adventure. Artificial intelligence is transforming the mobile gaming industry by reducing the cost and time involved in the game development, personalizing the gaming experience, and creating self-learning personas in games.

  • Ability to Predict

The increasing user base of the gaming companies leads to experience more failures and crashes in the games. However, AI-powered gaming analytics helps to identify the real-time issues that might lead to costly business hiccups. It also allows gaming companies to eliminate false positives. Using the historical data of the gamers’ behavioral pattern, AI gaming analytics can predict how the players behavior in a game and add incentives for them accordingly.

Summing Up

Nowadays, people are taking gaming seriously rather than considering them as a pastime. The interactive gaming community is expanding its reach gradually with AI-powered games as there is an increase in the demand for smart and intelligent games. Artificial intelligence can create a wave on both mobile gaming and video gaming industry by providing customized gaming experience to the players.


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