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At the time when artificial intelligence was not into the on-ground existence, it was considered as myth, story, and rumors. People at that time used to consider it as a fairy tale where some artificial entity equipped with intelligent powers can exhibit supernatural activities.

When Alan Turing came out with his well-known test named ‘Turing Test’ in 1950, it received so many criticisms from philosophers and computer scientists. They considered it as out-of-box. Subsequently, John McCarthy coined the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in 1956 in a workshop during 1956. What a coincidence that the people who attended that workshop became well known AI researchers at a later time. This shows the demand and acceptance of artificial intelligence over some time.

Today, we are surrounded by uncountable applications of artificial intelligence and it is doubtless to say that the human race is becoming dependent on intelligent machines and applications. With these important and interesting applications, still, many of the people among us are unaware of how AI is helping them in life either directly or indirectly. Here, we will discuss how artificial intelligence is solving so many problems in the real-life and helping us.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

We will be discussing here the notable applications of the artificial intelligence in the day-to-day life where people have been really benefitted with these applications. After that we will also list out some real-world applications of artificial intelligence which has eased the life of mankind.

Day-to-Day Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Let us discuss some very interesting applications of artificial intelligence which have helped the people to make the life easier.

1. Intelligent Personal Assistants 

The most interesting application of artificial intelligence in daily life so far is the use of smart personal assistants. These personal assistants can play music for you based on your mood, order groceries online, switch off or switch on lights, adjust the A.C. temperature, set reminders, book a cab and many more helps they can do for us. Google Assistant, Alexa by Amazon, Siri by Apple, etc are examples of intelligent virtual personal assistants. These are the software-based intelligent agents that process the voice or text commands using natural language processing.

2. Chat Bots

There are so many websites these days that are using chatbots to interact with visitors. It helps them quickly connect with the visitors, address their queries and provide them the better information with the least human interaction. These chatbots are the software applications integrated with the websites that process the queries of visitors and answer them using natural language processing.

3. Healthcare Management

Healthcare is another field where AI is being applied at a full pace. From drug discovery to personal health assistance, scheduling appointments with doctors to generating medical bulleting, from treatment recommendations to robotics-enabled elderly care, there are a lot of applications of AI in this field.

4. Social Media

This is the most discussed topic in the year 2021. Many regulations need to be done for social media platforms. Experts believe that this can be possible only with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It can detect the restricted posts on social media platforms, it can warn, notify and block the users in case of breaking the rules by them, and it can figure out any suspicious event being planned by some members on the platform. Along with, AI also helps the users by suggesting the list of people for connecting based on the user’s information.

5. Travel Assistance

Artificial intelligence can help a person in finding the best route to commute while they are traveling. The voice-enabled service can guide you in your route while you are dividing. It can also recommend the best-suited road routes, airways, and costs to spend on the tour.

6. E-Commerce

There is a never-ending application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in e-commerce. To the companies, it can help to identify the potential customer for products, provide best offers and discounts on the products, find the demand and sale of the product in the future, etc. To customers, it can help in finding the best platform to buy s product, recommendations for the product, live experience of virtual try-on using virtual reality, etc.

7. Gaming and Animation

The gaming and animation industry is also using AI to provide the best experience to the users. There are deep learning models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) which can generate fake images and videos that can help in creating the best and attractive animations.

8. Email Filtering

Almost all email service providers use artificial intelligence to detect unwanted or spam messages and it can be filtered out and routed to a different folder to offer a better user experience. It can also block malicious emails that can be harmful to a person’s device. AI is also used in segmenting the emails in different categories like promotion, social, updates, etc.

Other Real World Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Along with the above applications, let us discuss some advanced applications of artificial intelligence which has helped the people in their livings.

1. Smart Homes

Tech-savvy people are using smart home or home automation services to make life easy and interesting. These services are based on artificial intelligence. With the help of these applications, one can control features in the home such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and other appliances.

2. Autonomous Vehicles

With the development of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and deep learning, many automotive companies have started making self-driving vehicles. These autonomous vehicles can sense and perceive the environment and move safely without any human intervention. These vehicles employ so many techniques like RADAR, LiDAR, GPS, etc. to accomplish the commute. Tesla, UBER, General Motors are the popular companies in the field of self-driving car makers.

3. Security

There are so many applications of AI in providing security, at the personal level, enterprise-level, and the government level. AI-enabled cameras can be used to detect suspicious activities. Network and cybersecurity, banking fraud detection, privacy protection, crime prevention, etc. are the application where artificial intelligence has great achievements.

4. Heavy Industries

Heavy industries where the reach of a person is very difficult in handling high temperature, heavyweights, continuous and speedy execution, and robots are applied thereto reduce the human life risk.


We can conclude that the artificial intelligence is helping us in our daily life in so many way, either directly used by us or indirectly used by the service providers. There is a small percentage of potential of AI has been explored so far and we see a lot of interesting and life-easing applications. A lot has to come in the coming future and we can think that what we are going to see soon.


Dr. Vaibhav Kumar

Associote Professor

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