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Usha Rengaraju

Chief Research Officer, Exa Protocol

Usha Rengaraju, Chief Research Officer, Exa Protocol has a strong background in psychology and neuroscience and has completed several specializations from top universities across the world. She is specialized in Deep Learning, Probabilistic Graphical Models, and advanced Machine Learning.

With a strong background in psychology, she has invested a lot of time in cultivating emotional intelligence since emotional intelligence is considered as the key to building successful relationships.


Leadership Skills

Usha Rengaraju has organized NeuroAI, which is India’s first-ever research symposium in the interface of Neuroscience and Data Science. She has also organized the Neurodiversity India Summit, which is India’s first-ever conference in Neurodiversity.

She is serving as the editorial board member for international journals dealing with advanced study and research work. She serves as an advisory board member for research labs in educational institutions (CAIRE – Centre for AI research and education) and multiple startups. She is also the visiting faculty for the master’s program at Symbiosis Pune.

Usha has participated at various conferences like ODSC, Pycon India, Indo Data Week, and GHCI as a speaker. She has prepared the curriculum for BITS Pilani’s Master’s in Data Science program, and Upgrad’s PGP program in Data Science.

As a continuous learner, she has completed several specializations from the top universities across the world. She has completed various courses like consumer Neuroscience, Neuroeconomics, Branding, Intellectual humility, etc., that have a huge impact on the day-to-day decisions in her professional life. She also possesses strong programming skills in Python as well as knowledge and skills in Data Visualization.


Awards and Recognitions

Usha has been recognized as the world’s first woman triple Kaggle Grandmaster. She has been ranked as the Top Ten Data Scientists in India for the year 2020 by Analytics India Magazine, Top Ten Women Data Scientists by Analytics Insight Magazine for 2021, and Top 150 AI Leaders and Influencers by 3AI Magazine.


Social Causes

Usha is an advocate for Autism and has been creating awareness on Neurodiversity for the last four years.


Envisaging the Future

Usha is currently working on various projects in the interface of Neuroscience and Data Science, which will make the lives of autistic people better. She would like to continue her contributions to the autistic people in the future.

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