Smart Knowledge Management for IT Services


Knowledge Management is a critical area for the success of an IT Service Provider, especially for Managed Services providers of infrastructure platforms like iSeries systems on IBM Power Servers. In this niche skilled area, developing the knowledge base (KB), updating, reviewing on regular intervals and ease of access to the support personnel are essential. The support ecosystem contains two different units based on their skill levels- Level 1 (L1) and Level 2 (L2). These teams refer to the Knowledge base (KB) articles that includes info on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), troubleshooting guides, etc to perform these duties. One of the main challenges of iSeries Support is the dearth of skilled and talented resources in the open market for hiring. The service providers create a talent pool by providing training to the early professional hires from the campus. The pandemic and the work-from-home followed by that further impacted the technical education progress of talent pools and upskilling of resources. The customer’s core business runs on iSeries, so prompt responses are required for any issues reported and incorrect actions can cause a huge impact. A smart KB with ease of access to the team is identified as a solution to address this challenge. This can be achieved by incorporating Azure AI Services into the KB documents and providing a communication channel interface for the end users to interact with KB and receive the proposed resolution. This can help the team to improve the key performance indicator (KPI) of the mean time to resolve (MTTR) the incidents..


Keywords: iSeries Platform Support, knowledgebase, MTTR, Azure AI, Bot services


Conference Name: World Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Advances and Applications (WCAIAA 2023)


Sishil Surendran

Rashmi Agarwal

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