A Study On Agriculture Commodities Price Prediction and Forecasting


Recent days interaction between computer and human is gaining more popularity or momentum, especially in the area of speech recognition. There are many speech recognition systems or applications got developed such as, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Siri etc. To provide the human like responses, Natural Language Processing techniques such as Natural Language Toolkit [6] for Python can be used for analyzing speech, and responses. In our country, INDIA, agriculture is backbone of economy and major contributor for GDP. However, farmers often, do not get sufficient support or required information in the regional languages. Prediction analysis for farmers in agriculture is not only for crop growing but is essential to develop Crop recommendation system based on price forecasting for agricultural commodities in addition to providing useful advisories for the farmers of any state. Currently, to protect the farmers from price crash or control the inflation, the governments (Central and State) predicting the price for agricultural commodities using short-term arrivals and historical data. However, these methods are not giving enough recommendations for the farmers to decide the storage/sales options with evidence-based explanations. The goal of this study is to identify the research already done in this area and find out the pros and cons of different models and future scope for improvement.

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2020 International Conference on Smart Technologies in Computing, Electrical and Electronics (ICSTCEE)


G Hegde

JB Simha

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