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10 Jul 2020

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Tasks

Deep learning is the subcategory of machine learning in the artificial intelligence domain. It has neural networks....
8 Jul 2020

Threat Modeling of Cloud based Implementation of Homomorphic Encryption

Employees form the most expensive asset of an organization.
25 Jun 2020

Conversational AI and Its Applications

What is conversational AI? Majority of the people have a preconceived notion about conversational AI....
20 Jun 2020

Security Measures While Working From Home

Covid19 outbreak has also brought Cyber attackers in open, with organization reporting an alarming spike in cyber-attacks ......
8 Jun 2020

Ransomware Threats

Employees form the most expensive asset of an organization.
27 May 2020

Computer Vision and AI Applications

As a precursor to the launch of M. Tech/PGD in Artificial Intelligence, RACE organized a webinar on ‘Computer Vision ...
1 May 2020

Employee Efficiency with HR Analytics Maturity

Human resource management is going through a massive change due to an unexpected change in the working paradigms...
29 Apr 2020

Job Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Considered a specialty mainly attached as a necessity with national security, cybersecurity is now viewed as a mandate for every ......
29 Apr 2020

Supply Chain Analytics – Fulcrum of Every Business

The logistics and supply chain management (SCM) field is the most dynamic and living part of an organization...
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