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22 Dec 2022

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value using ML: A Comparative Analysis !

CLTV is a key metric that can be predicted for a customer to know the future value that the customer can add to a business or firm.
19 Dec 2022

CRM-Based Lead Scoring with Machine Learning

Betutelage is a startup organization that offers educational courses and provides live classes to audiences of different skill levels.
11 Dec 2022

Automated Literature Review with Transformers

Business research is producing new knowledge at an astounding rate, yet it is still fragmented and heterogeneous.
11 Dec 2022

Prediction of Customer Lifetime Value in E-Commerce Business for Growth

Customer lifetime value has emerged as an important metric for identifying
11 Dec 2022

Smart Parking Solution for Multi Building Campus

Locating parking spaces is becoming a serious problem as more and more employees prefer to switch to personal commutes
11 Dec 2022

Explainable Recommender Systems

Recommenders systems add business value and help in better monetization for multiple stakeholders.
22 Nov 2022

Cloud Architecture and Security Program: A Guide

Cloud Security Architects are familiar with all the technology and hardware used for systems
18 Nov 2022

AI for Autism

Autism has been prevalent from time immemorial. Unfortunately, it is often labelled as
9 Nov 2022

Automated Literature Review with Transformers

Credit risk analysis is very important for the organization's business as well as its reputation in the market.
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