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22 Feb 2023

Prediction of Fatal Accidents in the Petrochemical Industry with Machine Learning

There is an urgent need for energy companies to understand why?.,...
22 Feb 2023

Smart Knowledge Management for IT Services

Knowledge Management is a critical area for the success ...
22 Feb 2023

Study on Customer Segmentation using K-Means Clustering

The term Internet of Things (often abbreviated IoT) was coined by...
15 Feb 2023

Application An AI-based Cognitive Chatbot for VMware Troubleshooting

Employees form the most expensive asset of an organization.
28 Dec 2022

Security Enhanced Authentication Framework for Securing ADB Access in AOSP

Android as an Operating System (OS) on the Linux platform is designed initially for mobile and tablet devices.
28 Dec 2022

Data Sanitization & Privacy Preservation Method on Edge Nodes

With more edge devices becoming internet-connected, the demand for real-time...
27 Dec 2022

Hybrid Cloud Security – Risk & Posture Assessment

Now a days, cloud computing has turned into a huge innovation pattern.
22 Dec 2022

Prediction of Delays in Invoice Payments using Machine Learning

Accounts Receivable (AR), is the most valuable asset of an organization.
22 Dec 2022

Credit Card Segmentation and Recommendation System

Credit cards are an integral part of the growing economy in the Banking and Financial industry.
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