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22 Sep 2018

Moneyball for HR

Talent Analytics is an important function of an enterprise. Davenport argues that companies using talent analytics are likely to be ...
16 Mar 2018

iTrolley Solutions – Is The Timing Right? A Case Study

Sanjeev and his friends, excited about the opportunities that existed in Big Data,
28 Dec 2017

Crime Analysis across Major Cities of India with Twitter

Police traditionally use maps and tacit knowledge
28 Dec 2017

Sentiment Analysis on Demonetization by Government of India

Any system is subject to change, modifications and ...
28 Dec 2017

Response Modelling using Support Vector Machines & Naïve Bayes

Predictive analytics has become the crucial differentiating factor
28 Dec 2017

Response Modelling with K-NN AND XNB

Response modelling is one of the important predictive modelling techniques
28 Dec 2017

Deep Learning Based Deceased-Donor Kidney Allocation Model for India

There is a huge shortage of organs for transplant especially in India.
28 Dec 2017

Propensity to Default Model for Online Credit Marketplace

Default risk is the chance that companies or individuals will be unable...
28 Dec 2017

Classification Modelling Using Decision Tree

One of the operational challenges that the Investment Banks (IBs)
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