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27 Feb 2023

Smart voicebot with text classifier

Machines work similarly to humans due to advanced technological hy-potheses. The best example is a conversational agent that depends.,,...
27 Feb 2023

Assessing student engagement levels using speech emotion recognition

Almost all instructors in the education domain face the challenge of understanding how engaged the participants or.,,...
27 Feb 2023

Smart nudge framework for digital platforms

Over the past two decades, digital platforms have become integral to meeting the diverse needs of consumers.,,...
27 Feb 2023

Semantic search for sustainable platforms usign transformers

This research aims to develop an effective search approach for Sustainable platfoThis research aims to develop an effective search,...
27 Feb 2023

Mobile Security Operation Centre (MSOC) Tool

Attacks on the internet are becoming increasingly threatening. For naïve home users, who are poorly protected,,...
27 Feb 2023

A Modest Approach Towards Cloud Security Hygiene

Cloud computing offers an on-demand process and computing service without direct active management by the user....
23 Feb 2023

Automated System for Forecasting and Capacity Management in BPO

In the virtual world, every decision made by executives today need forecasting. Sound forecasting of demand and variations are....
22 Feb 2023

Enhancing the Connected Vehicle Security using the Secure Auto Tool

Connected vehicles have thousands of components, including software-based applications,.........
22 Feb 2023

Direction Detection of Select Stocks with Machine Learning

Several research initiatives have been taken to predict stock market returns using historical data.......
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