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11 Dec 2022

Explainable Recommender Systems

Recommenders systems add business value and help in better monetization for multiple stakeholders.
22 Nov 2022

Cloud Architecture and Security Program: A Guide

Cloud Security Architects are familiar with all the technology and hardware used for systems
18 Nov 2022

AI for Autism

Autism has been prevalent from time immemorial. Unfortunately, it is often labelled as
9 Nov 2022

Automated Literature Review with Transformers

Credit risk analysis is very important for the organization's business as well as its reputation in the market.
19 Oct 2022

Incident Response Management

This training program is designed for a team of highly proficient mid and senior-level executives of Kyndryl India.
30 Aug 2022

Machine Learning with AWS

Training program on Machine Learning with AWS for mid and senior-level executives of Sony India Software
22 Aug 2022

Improving Language Understanding with Vokenization

Let’s begin by asking a fundamental question. How does a child learn any language?
15 Aug 2022

Inclusive Ethical AI in Human–Computer Interaction in Autonomous Vehicles

Now a days, cloud computing has turned into a huge innovation pattern.
13 Aug 2022

A Monocular Camera Depth Estimate Approximation using Deep learning

Employees form the most expensive asset of an organization.
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